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As experienced consultants in Aromatherapy, Natural Wellbeing and the Craft industry, we wanted to make products that were natural, eco-friendly and a pleasure to use. We have been making and experimenting with candles for years and inspired by our Cotswold surroundings, believed that we could create a brand that was not only unique to the area, but a high quality, luxurious product that gave credit to the Cotswold brand.

The Cotswold Candle Company has worked hard to ensure that our products are beautifully scented and beautifully packaged, so that they can be the ultimate gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself. We chose our unique fragrances not only for their stunning scents but also on the basis of ‘if you light the candle downstairs and you can smell it upstairs, it’s a winner’…

Unique Fragrances & Excellent Scent Throw

We felt it was important to use a Soy wax as it is more eco-friendly, does not smoke or spit, and burns slowly ensuring an even melt pool. The wax we use is a Soy wax blend, meaning it has a small amount of mineral wax included – this is important for an excellent scent throw as Soy wax alone does not give out as much aroma on its own. So, we have combined the perfect specialist wax with the perfect amount of fragrance oil, to create the most perfect candles which burn evenly, never tunnel or smoke, and lastly but very importantly – throw out the beautiful scents in to your home.

We offer the same exquisite fragrances in our home reed diffusers and our travel candles.

Home Candles

All of our candles are hand-poured in The Cotswolds, using a blend of Soy wax, essential oils and perfumes. Discover our beautiful range of scents that will create an atmospheric lift to your home with a perfect even burn and a long lasting aroma. We have crafted unique fragrances inspired by our stunning Cotswold surroundings, presented with a clean, organic design that completes your home. Our candles have 40hrs burning time with a consistent and wide scent throw. We have ensured that our products meet all CLP safety legislation in compliance with the EC. Our fragrances are tested and approved by the IFRA.

Our Travel Candles are provided in generous handy travel tins and are perfect as a gift or as a special treat for yourself.

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Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are a simple and easy way to fragrance your home. Our reed diffusers are made using an Eco friendly carrier oil with the perfect evaporation rate, combined with fragrances made from essential oils, avoiding chemical odours and instead just filling the air with natural goodness. The scented oil is drawn up through the reeds where the fragrance is released. The typical lifetime of our reed diffusers is around 4-5 months with a consistent scent throw. Reed diffusers are a beautiful gift for friends and family. We have ensured that our products meet all CLP safety legislation in compliance with the EC. Our fragrances are tested and approved by the IFRA.


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