Cotswold Candles

The Cotswold Candle Company lovingly hand-pours all our candles exclusively in The Cotswolds.

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The Cotswold Candle Company Ltd manufacture exclusive high-quality scented candles made from a blend of Soy wax and beautiful fragrances from essential oils and perfumes. We have spent years creating the perfect blend to ensure a long-lasting scent throw, the perfect burning experience together with Eco-friendly ingredients. The Cotswold Candle Company’s Home Candles burn for around 40 hours and our Travel Candles burn for around 20 hours.

The Cotswold Candle Company Wax

We use a professional high-grade wax; a carefully blended fusion of vegetable wax and highly refined mineral wax. The hydrogenated soy blend gives a natural clean burning performance which combined with mineral wax, allows for an excellent scent throw. Our candle wax burns evenly, creating a flat melt pool, so there’s no tunnelling or wasted wax.

Our Candle Wicks

We have ensured that our candles are wicked correctly for the blend of wax we use and the size of the container. This guarantees that the flame is a perfect size for an even melt pool, meaning the wax burns evenly across the container and does not waste wax by melting down the middle. Our candles have a steady flame and do not smoke or spit.

cotswold candle company

The Cotswold Candle Company Fragrances

Discover our beautiful organic range of carefully chosen fragrances, made from a blend of therapeutic essential oils and perfumes. We have crafted unique Cotswold scented fragrances inspired by our stunning Cotswold surroundings with a clean, organic presentation that brings light and space into your home. Our fragrance range caters for everyone, with delightful floral aromas, refreshing blends and sensual homely scents. Our fragrances are produced to IFRA standards. For our full list of Fragrances, click on the menu above.

The Candle Burn Time

Our beautiful Home Candles have a long life and burn for around 40 hours to the end. Our Travel Candles are safely transported in their elegant tins with lids making desirable gifts, and can burn for up to 30 hours. To ensure longevity for your candle, place it away from draughts or places where it could be knocked. Try not to move the candle when it is light as this will upset the melt pool.

cotswold candle company

Candle Home Care Advice

We want you to benefit from the full life of our candles, so we suggest that you trim the wick to 5mm each time before burning. Do not move the candle once it is a light, so as to avoid the melted wax spilling. Always keep out of reach of children and away from pets. Do not burn close to other objects or candles. Do not leave a burning candle unattended.