A Quick Guide to Our Fragrances

Pure Vanilla:

A rich creamy blend with therapeutic top notes of Madagascan vanilla pods, whipped to a sweet smoothness by a hint of nutmeg. This beautiful aroma delicately melts to a warm, heady sensual scent of base notes with traces of musk. A perfect masculine meets feminine blend.

Lord of The Manor:

Luxurious and heady. Earthy base notes of black amber, sandalwood, cedarwood and sensual patchouli, this warm and spicy scent is distinctly masculine. Top notes of lemon and grapefruit, combine effortlessly with the balancing and reviving hints of rose and geranium.

Lady of The Manor:

This beautiful feminine candle has a soft, sweet floral aroma with top notes of the sweet pea flower, the delicate rose and the fragrant hyacinth. The floral scent is warmed by base notes of vanilla pods and exotic jasmine, bringing to your home, the delightful bouquet of a summer garden in full bloom.

Ginger & Lemongrass:

This exquisite scent of spicy ginger and tangy lemongrass, evokes a peaceful exotic eastern garden. Refreshing top notes of lemongrass, lemons and sweet limes mingle sublimely with the heart of a warming ginger root. Hints of eucalyptus and base notes of sensual patchouli and vanilla pods.

Sweet Pear:

A soft but empowering aroma of the sweet English William Pear. This divine fragrance exudes a gentle scent of the top fruity notes of the humble pear, beautifully combined with the base notes of vanilla pods, bringing a unique balmy richness that will fill your home.

Orchard Walk:

A rich summery fragrance of wild blackberries, Cox’s English apples and sweet oranges with top notes of refreshing citrus bergamot. This beautiful aroma gently fills the home with a blend of fruit filled orchards and summer cottage gardens, with warming, subtle base notes of velvet sage and vanilla pods.

Wildflower Meadow:

An elegant array of floral fragrances eminent from a walk in the bluebell woods in Spring. Enriched with harmonising notes of galbanum and hyacinth and rich tones of white jasmine and wild rose. This candle brings the outdoors in to your home with its enchanting aromatic scent of flowers in bloom.

Evening Jasmine:
The exceptional heady aroma of white jasmine with uplifting notes of balancing bergamot, calming ylang ylang and reviving neroli. Base notes of musk creates a perfect blend of masculine and feminine. This sensual and soothing scent fills your home with the fragrance of warm summer nights.