Our Reed Diffusers

The Cotswold Candle Company Reed Diffusers have been carefully manufactured using the highest quality ingredients.

cotswold candle company reed diffusers


The base carrier oil is Eco friendly and has long lasting and perfect evaporation rate. This solvent is made from a renewable source and evaporates fully without any unwanted odours.


Porex reeds provide the perfect way to diffuse our fragrances, offering high performance and controlled fragrance release. There is no need to flip or turn the reeds as the scented oil is drawn up through the length of the reeds and absorbed throughout.


Our range of Reed Diffusers offers all eight of our carefully selected fragrances. Reed diffusers are a simple and easy way to fragrance your home, avoiding chemical odours and instead just filling the air with natural goodness. Our fragrances are produced to IFRA standards.


Our Reed Diffusers have a home life of 4 – 5 months.


We want you to benefit from the full life of our Reed Diffusers, so we have have made some suggestions about how to look after it. Always keep out of reach of children and away from pets. Flammable liquid, do no light reeds. Do not place on polished, painted, plastic or leather surfaces or on electric equipment. Ideally, use gloves when handling if you have perfume sensitivity. May produce an allergic reaction if on skin.


cotswold candle company

Whether you prefer a light floral scent, energetic citrus or pure Vanilla – we can guarantee you will adore our range. To find a retailer near you that supplies our products, simply check our Stockist Page or order from us direct online.

If you are interested in stocking The Cotswold Candle Company range, please get in touch via our Contact Page. We love to support small retailers and have competitive price lists for larger stockists too.